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Welcome to BookMyTutor

We have a team of over 1000+ skilled and qualified tutors

Extensive Data

Real-time analytics

with insightful, actionable information

Exceptional Support

On-demand, online tutoring and drop-off review with 
250+ subjects available

Expert Tutors

3,000+ highly qualified experts

with rigorous screening and
ongoing development

Effective Methodology

Uplifting, multimodal instruction

with empathy and privacy

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About Us 

BookMyTutor is one of the most sought-after tutoring services provided in Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior in MP, and Nagpur in Maharashtra. BookMyTutor helps bridge the gap between talented & determined students and skilled & experienced teachers or tutors. BookMyTutor is an online platform that helps students gain quality education, reliable & accountable teaching services, and modern & advanced methods of teaching, and that too at reasonable costs.

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Whom we serve

We provide students and parents counseling in order to understand their needs and requirements. The learning capacity of every student differs. Hence, every student needs dynamic and personalized instruction and guidance which is a priority for BookmyTutor

Tutors (Online/Offline)

BookmyTutor is an excellent platform for skilled and knowledgeable tutors to build a student base for themselves. We help provide teachers with employment remotely and otherwise.


We collaborate with recognized schools and colleges to provide them with new and genuine leads in terms of teachers and students. Schools and colleges can also seek job requirements through our website.

Campus placement

Students studying in undergraduate and post-graduate programs often appear for campus placement. At BookmyTutor we prepare students for group discussion, public speaking, and personal interview to obtain employment in their dream company and position.

Our Services

We provide home tutors, private tutors, and online interactive sessions on various subjects such as Computer Science, Spoken English, Academic Studies, Higher Studies, etc. We offer tutors that focus on students’ communication and interpersonal skills along with academic performance.

We provide tutors that are-

❖Good listeners


❖Teach by using real-life examples

❖Have clear and audible speech in online classes

❖Have a high emotional quotient (EQ)

❖Have a customized teaching style

❖Use online resources to explain topics efficiently

❖Use dynamic methods of performance evaluation

❖Cooperate and collaborate with parents for the progress of students

Why Hire a Tutor?

Hiring a tutor will help your child in catching up with the class syllabus and boosting up the child's self-confidence. If your child is struggling with some topics, the tutor must ensure that the child gets their basic right before proceeding to the next topic.


A student studying in class must have many interruptions like chatting with friends, but in personal tuition, there are no such distractions. The child has the flexibility to choose a tutor, and the choice of finding the right tutor, who can inspire them. The parents can ensure they find a tutor with whom their child is comfortable and whose teaching space and style go well with the child.

Our Speciality

We focus on making a conscious effort to innovate in the field of education, creativity, technology, online resources, and entrepreneurship.

We focus on recruiting and developing the world’s most promising channel of skilled and qualified teachers to impart quality education.

We also focus on building partnerships with parents to frame promising careers for their kids.

Why BookMyTutor?

BookMyTutor is an online portal through which both students and parents can seek experienced tuition teachers. It is also a useful platform that provides students with teachers who are constantly looking for a part-time income.

BookMyTutor is a platform that will help you to find tuition in your preferred locations. The platform provides 50+ jobs as open teaching jobs as home tutors that are truly genuine and 100% verified.

For Teachers
It is very beneficial for teachers that are starting their careers as a tutor and are already an expert in that particular field, this platform can help you to find the very next tuition. You can directly search on JOIN AS A TUTOR and start your career with us.
For Students
A tutor can truly personalize the learning skills of the student. A tutor can minimize your child’s weaknesses by converting them into his strengths. Communication is the key factor to a student's success and this sets students up for academic progress. You can directly search on HIRE A TUTOR and find the best suitable tutor for yourself.
A successful tutor makes your learning real and relevant because they already are experts in their academic concepts and will help the student to know the subject’s concept, ideas, and problems inside out.
Our Facilities

We provide home tutors, online tutors, and private tutors in Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Raipur, Bilaspur, Chhindwara, Bhilai, Nagpur, Khajuraho, etc in the following subjects:

How does BookMyTutor work?

Ring us at 7610702222 and tell us your requirements regarding the child’s standard and subjects you want a tutor for, location, mode of teaching, etc.


We selected a suitable tutor for you according to your requirements and then fix a demo class at the preferred location or mode of teaching.

Once you meet the tutor, you can discuss the study plan, the timings of the tuition, and other details. After that, you’re good to go. Just make sure you study well.

Why Home Tuitions?

Home tuitions provide you the opportunity to be flexible in your methods to receive education and maintain the pace of your learning according to the child’s learning capacity. Home tuitions provide a personalized method of teaching, helps you reduce travel costs, ensures academic excellence in school, and creative direction for a progressive career in the future for students.

Doing Homework
Home tutoring vs Coaching centers


Personalized consideration


Traveling costs

Here, you’re free to choose the subjects you want a tutor for. You can choose one subject or all subjects. The decision is yours to make.

In-home tuition, the tutor is solely dedicated to your learning and growth.

Some students like to study in silence without much company, in that case, home tuition is suitable.

In-home tutors visit your place to teach according to your time and convenience. Hence, sparing you the travel cost.

The decision-making is in the hands of Coaching centers, either you take coaching for all subjects offered by them or seek coaching centers that offer your desired subjects only.

Coaching centers don’t provide such personalized attention.

Coaching has a lot of competition which might be a hindrance to personal growth.

Traveling to coaching classes to and fro takes up a lot of time for the students; leaving not enough time to Study.

Point of difference
Home tutoring
Coaching centers
Our Testimonials

Math has always scared me off. Bookmytutor  has actually helped me understand the concepts so well that I have started enjoying doing Math.

Mr. Ayush Bakode

Our Verified Customer

They provide best home tutors.. Highly experienced and highly knowledgeable team of teachers make them best in the city.

Mr. Anupam Mishra

Our Verified Customer

Well explained tutors and well behaving also the best management they conduct very good demo classes and I am fully satisfied with there services.

Miss. Madhu Verma

Our Verified Customer

On a Video Call
Excellent customer support system:

We provide excellent customer support that is available for students and parents 24/7 to solve any problem that may arise. Our technical support team is proactive and supportive of our cause of creating a holistic and progressive platform for our students and tutors.

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