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✅ You Know that we are home tutoring marketplace and will facilitate through its platform and other resources finding for you such students as who want home tuition in your area of expertise.

✅ As a home tutor, you understand to follow with all applicable laws, exercise of professional competence, care, skill, diligence and prudence as it is usually exercised by professionals.

✅ You Know and agree that the relationship between us and you will not be considered as an employer and employee relation.

✅ You be aware of that the final decision to select a particular student for tuition is yours and yours alone.

✅ You know and agree that you will teach the student if and only if at least one parent is present in the house.

✅ You understand that all information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

✅ You understand that if you agreed to take tuition, you have to complete it. In unavoidable circumstances you have to give minimum 1 month prior notice.

✅ You have to arrange demo class within 48 hours of receiving details of Tuition. If this does not happen due to any reason, you have to inform us immediately.

✅ The Tutor agrees that he or she will faithfully and with the best of their ability to carry out the duties and responsibilities communicated to them by us.

✅ The Tutor shall comply with all Institute policies, rules and procedures at all times.

✅ As a Home Tutor, it is the duty of the tutor to perform all essential job functions and duties from time to time, the Institute may also add other duties within the reasonable scope of the tutors work.

✅ It is the intention of both parties to form a long and mutually profitable relationship. However, this relationship may be terminated by either party at any time provided before 1 month written notice is delivered to the other party.

✅ As a tutor, you will have access to confidential information that is the property of Institute. You are not permitted to disclose this information outside of the Institute.

✅ This contract shall be governed, interpreted, and construed in accordance with the laws of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur. In witness and agreement where of, the Tutor has executed this contract with due process through the authorization of official Institute agents and with the consent of the Institute, given here in writing.

✅ Tutor is not being allowed to discuss anything related to fee, however everything is being discussed between the Institute and the guardian.

✅ If you denied to give tuition on a particular place, you will not contact the guardian/ client up to 6 months of period.

✅ If found cheated (direct dealing with parent/student) with Institute you will be blocked from Institute and also your information will be circulated to other institute for future concern.

✅ While giving classes unless there is an emergency you will not use mobile phones and we hope we don’t get complains from parents regarding this.

✅ You will not share given tuition enquiries to other person without permission of an Institute.

✅ You will get maximum 3 warnings before the Institute takes some strict actions.

Here are some common terms and conditions that parents may follow when hiring a home tutor:

Availability: Parents should provide the tutor with a clear schedule of the dates and times that they would like the tutor to come for lessons.
Payment terms: Parents should agree on the rate and payment terms with the tutor, including the method of payment and due date.
Safety and security: Parents should ensure that their home is a safe and secure environment for the tutor to work in, and take responsibility for the tutor's safety and well-being while in their home.
Learning materials: Parents should provide the tutor with any necessary materials for the lessons, such as textbooks or other resources.
Student conduct: Parents should ensure that the student is prepared for the lessons and behaves appropriately during the lessons.
Termination: Parents should have a clear process for terminating the tutoring relationship with the tutor, including the notice required and any procedures for returning payment.
Confidentiality: Parents should respect the confidentiality of information obtained during the course of the tutoring relationship, unless required to disclose by law.
These are just some examples and the terms and conditions may vary depending on the specific circumstances and needs of the tutor and student. It's important to have clear and agreed upon terms in place to ensure a positive and effective tutoring experience for both parties.

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