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How to support students with special education needs?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

In recent times, several students have struggled to cope and engage in the habit of studying regularly without any setbacks. Yes, digitization has been a great help after the global pandemic to go back to normal lives but what about the students and kids with special needs? Students with special education needs and socio-emotional needs have struggled before and are struggling still due to a lack of resources and representation.

Education is a powerful tool to bring about positive changes and help in the growth and development of society. However, to implement these changes in a real sense, it is paramount that the benefits of quality education are inclusive of all, even disciplines with special needs or disabilities of all sorts.

Hence, BookMyTutor makes comprehensive and specialized efforts by using techniques like task analysis, cooperative learning, peer teaching, multisensory approach, etc. We have curated this blog on how to support students with special education needs (SEN) to make people aware of this issue and provide effective solutions through our tutoring services.

  • Build cordial relationships with students with SEN:

Students with special education needs (SEN) perform better when they feel safe, heard and seen, supported, and taken care of. So, educators should build relationships with students on a personal level while dealing with their special needs. Make sure you prioritize their needs over completing the curriculum or syllabus. There’s no point in completing the syllabus when some of your students are lagging due to their mental or physical disabilities.

  • Teachers should be considerate and empathetic:

While interacting with SEN students, the teachers or tutors should be mindful of their attitude and develop a soft stance towards the kid by being patient, considerate, and empathetic.

  • Get creative with your teaching style:

Teachers should seek engaging and creative ways of teaching students with special education needs (SEN). You can bifurcate tasks or assignments into shorter sub-tasks. Teaching students with SEN requires you to be attentive and on guard to keep evaluating their progress in between. Be lenient and strict moderately with them without making them feel that they’re being treated differently because they absolutely should not be treated so. They are just students who need an extra push as compared to other students of their age.

  • Develop the spirit of collaboration:

The landscape of the education system is constantly changing with online education getting more prominent day by day. Hence, teachers and parents, and other support staff must collaborate to build a good teaching strategy to help students with SEN.

Teachers should utilize the optimum resources at their disposal to provide the quality education that our students deserve. Yes, we indeed have a long way to go in providing an absolute solution but we can at least accommodate such students to the best of our abilities.

Strategies for reading skills:

  • Read aloud lessons to students.

  • Assign time for silent reading as well.

  • Use printed materials, infographics, and interactive videos to enhance vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • Encourage oral reading by students or group reading sessions.

  • Develop the habit of journal writing as an individualized education program.

Strategies for writing skills:

  • Dedicate an appropriate time to writing because writing can be enhanced by writing only.

  • Engage students in interactive writing games.

  • Help students identify letters or words with blocks, and cube games.

  • Teachers should apply task-specific techniques and a multisensory approach.

General instructions for teachers to support students with special education needs:

  • Visualize and demonstrate.

  • Multisensory approach.

  • Break tasks into smaller units.

  • Engage in cooperation and collaboration.

  • Personalized learning

  • SEN-based curriculum

  • Encourage consistent and steady progress.

Role of Parents in the development of students with special education needs (SEN):

  • Develop self-esteem in your kid.

  • Avoid comparison with other kids, especially siblings.

  • Show faith and hope in your kid’s abilities to improve and learn.

  • Be patient and considerate towards their weaknesses and mistakes.

  • Develop decision-making abilities and give them opportunities to choose.

  • Promote the habit of self-discipline and accountability in kids with SEN.

  • Collaborate with teachers to check their progress and requirements.

  • If possible, attend counseling sessions along with your kids to show your support.

Overall, developing connections, support, and positive engagement will help students with special education needs (SEN) a great deal. At BookMyTutor, we provide such resources keeping in mind the special needs of kids and offer specialized and skilled tutors to excel academically, socially, and holistically in this competitive environment and find their standing in the world. If you’ve kids with special education needs, talk to our counselors or book a demo class now!

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