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English Tutoring: Our English tutors ensure to development of the language skills of the students in all aspects, i.e., reading, writing, and speaking as English is a global language and is required everywhere nowadays.


Hindi Tutoring: Hindi is the most common language spoken in India especially Northern part of India. Hence, it is important to learn the in and outs of the language.


Math Tutoring: Math Tutoring is important for students because many students find the subject difficult to understand. BookmyTutor ensures to provide you with skilled maths tutors that encourage you to practice math problems interestingly and engagingly.


Science Tutoring: Science is one of those subjects that make students understand their surroundings which is essential to understand the ways of the world.


Tutor for Social studies: Social studies is a very interesting and scoring subject in the school curriculum which tells students about history, geography, civics, etc.


Sanskrit: Sanskrit is one of the ancient languages that we still learn about and that helps us stay connected to our roots. Hence, students need to learn the subjects to stay connected and humble.


Computer: Computer science education helps students be aware of new technology and rapidly growing development in society and help them use it to their advantage.


General knowledge: General Knowledge is an essential subject that helps students develop comprehensive and logical intelligence.


Environmental studies: Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that consolidates physics, biology, and geography for the study of the ecosystem.


Math & Science Olympiad: We also provide support and resources to students to prepare for Maths and Science Olympiads.


Geography: The students are taught this subject to make them understand what is on the Earth’s surface, and how it interacts with the environment.


History: History is a unique discipline that provides students with information about the past happening which is important to understand by the students.


Civics: Civic education is also called citizen education which defines and explains the life of the citizens of the country, their government, and how they function in harmony or otherwise.


Biology: Basically, our tutor will help to deal with living organisms and their vital processes including the fields of botany, conservation, genetics, microbiology, physiology, evolution, zoology, etc.


Physics: Students understand the most fundamental aspect of science by studying the subject of Physics.


Chemistry: Students can learn about analyzing elemental structure, properties, and behaviour to see outcomes when they change in chemical reactions.

Accountancy: The quantitative records of economic activities is an accountancy and learning about this subject helps students take better financial decisions in the future.


Business Study: With these subjects, the students are taught the principles of business, management, and finances.


Economics: Economics is the study of the behaviour and interactions of economic factors and how it affects the functioning of the country.

Political Science: Political Science is a subject that defines activities related to politics, political behaviour, and related constituencies.


Humanities: It helps the students understand the importance of languages, literature, art and craft, history, and philosophy.


Psychology: It is a very interesting and scoring subject that tells students about the scope of the human mind, crossing the horizon of natural and social sciences.


Sociology: Sociology is the subject that defines social relationships, social cultures, history, and institutions and their relationship with each other.


Physical Education: BookmyTutor also encourages our students to actively participate in physical activities and take care of their health and physical growth.


JEE- Maths: JEE- Maths includes Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry, 3D Geometry and Vectors, Algebra, Trigonometry, etc. these are topics that students usually find hard to study on their own. Hence, BookmyTutor has experts that can help students in this area.


JEE- Physics: To crack JEE- Physics subjects you need to have good analytical skills, logical skills, and clarity on concepts. You also need to work on your accuracy, speed, and time management. BookmyTutor can help you in this respect.


JEE- Chemistry: Students need to be informed about all the formulas, chemical reaction names, equations, and the periodic table in order to prepare well for IIT-JEE.


NEET- Biology: Biology is the subject where you study various species, the formation of life, life-sustaining process and related elements, diseases and disorders, and their cure and treatments.


NEET- Physics: Preparing for NEET-UG all by yourself can be tiresome especially when you stiff competition with over 18 lakh students attempting the exam every year. So, let BookmyTutor help you, guide you, and support you in your journey to crack one of the most competitive and prestigious entrance exams in India.


NEET- Chemistry: Chemistry is a very scoring subject in the NEET exam if you prepare for it in an effective and efficient manner. You will get experienced Chemistry teachers who will guide you through your preparation seamlessly and help you with advice, tips, and tricks to score better.


Quantitative Aptitude: This is one thing that is a requirement for every major competitive exam and also your quantitative skills help you in general life. Sainik


Entrance exam: Sainik schools are known for their quality of education at a reasonable cost of education. And hence, they are very selective in their intakes. So, if you wish to get admission here. We’ll train you to qualify for the entrance exam with flying colors.


Navodaya School: Navodaya School has a very competitive entrance exam and is selective in its intakes. It is rumored to be tougher than major competitive exams in India. Hence, allow Bookmytutor to help you crack the exam.


Campus placement: Students studying in undergraduate and post-graduate programs often appear for campus placement. At BookmyTutor we prepare students for group discussion, public speaking, and personal interview in order to obtain employment in their dream company and position.

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