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Class LKG to UKG

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over
India to provide the best quality education

Elementary education is the core of a child’s development. So, there is no chance of going wrong in this. Hence, we offer tutoring services that are interactive, fun, and engaging.


Hindi: Hindi is our mother tongue, so learning to read, write and speak the language is important for kids. Our tutor use block games, interactive videos, and audio clips to teach kids in a fun way.


English: English is the primary language used all over the world. Learning the language from a young age puts kids at advantage and at par with students across the globe.


Maths: Our tutors focus on basic maths problems and aim to

teach the kids the foundation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and counting numbers and other basics.


EVS: Environmental science is an important subject for the holistic development of young kids. The tutoring services of our qualified tutors make sure to inculcate good habits, manners, and perspectives of the world.

Home Tutor & Online Class
Why choose us:

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